Welcome to the Official Easter Seals Blog!

This is the official Easter Seals blog! I am Hannah Thompson, a recent graduate of Elmhurst College and the new intern for the Development department. As an organization, we thought a blog would be a great way to connect with our Easter Seals community and the greater community that we serve. Why did I get to write the blog? I was lucky enough to get an internship here after being a client here for the past four years. The blog is my primary responsibility and I will do my best to give you an insight into Easter Seals and its families, therapists, and clients.


We will look at clients and their extraordinary stories. We will get an in depth look into the history of Easter Seals via interviews with therapists. Also, we will explore how the community of people with disabilities is portrayed in the media. Throughout the posts, we will talk about Easter Seals events and fundraisers that you can attend and help Easter Seals continue to make individuals with disabilities reach their full potential.


I sincerely look forward to blogging for this wonderful organization. Let’s see what this year holds in store!

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