Los Straitjackets…you should go!

Let’s face it. September is a boring month. The excitement of going back to school is over, it’s starting to get cold, Halloween is still far away, and the kids are busy with extracurricular activities. What should you do? Well, if you’re like me you could use  a concert. I love all music! Parents, schedule a babysitter because there is a concert for Easter Seals coming up.

The history of this concert will tug on your heart strings. Jerry Morrow, a board member at Easter Seals DuPage Fox Valley Region has a daughter with a rare disease called Q4 deletion. She has received services from Easter Seals DuPage Fox Valley Region for 10 years.  Jerry went to a concert years ago because the lead guitarist was from his hometown of Albany, New York. They stayed in touch through the years and started the benefit concert three years ago. Morrow emphasizes that all the proceeds go to Easter Seals.

“My primary motivation to help is that it haunts me to think of children or families who may just quit seeking assistance for their child due to the difficult and sometimes oppressive complexity of  insurance, Medicaid etc. Not every family can cope equally to the challenges brought on from a child born with disabilities” he said.

He wants to emphasize that Easter Seals is a home for families who are struggling with having a member who is disabled and recognizes that people can lack financial or other resources and Easter Seals DFVR aims to do it’s best to help them. This story reflects the Easter Seals DuPage and Fox Valley Region’s mission statement when it says, “and to provide support for the families who love and care for them”.

The band is Los Straitjackets who are America’s #1 instrumental rock-n-roll combo are coming to town for Easter Seals. They will be at Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn on September 27th. The tickets are $50 per person. I know a lot of parents could use a night out before the craziness of Halloween…and the holidays (yikes!) arrive. Get your ticket today at the front desk or at http://www.eastersealsdfvr.org/jetset. See you there!


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