The Bachelor Makes Strides

I have a confession to make. I have watched The Bachelor very single season and every single week. It’s my guilty pleasure. Most seasons, viewers see able-bodied contestants get out of the limo, hoping to meet their Prince Charming.  Sean Lowe, the current bachelor has Sarah Herron as a contestant. This beautiful woman comes from Colorado and is an advertising designer. Sarah is successful and gorgeous just like any other contestant. There is one thing that makes Sarah different from any other contestant, however: she has amniotic band syndrome. This has left her with only half of her left arm, but this does not stop her from doing anything! She bikes and does other physical activities. The producers put Sarah on the show and focused on her positive attitude during her formal introduction on the season premiere. To see her talk to Sean for the first time, you can go to:

If you have been paying attention to the criticism of The Bachelor, you know the show gets criticism for lacking diversity. This is a step in the right direction. Sarah represents people who are brave enough to showcase their differences and she chose to do it on a national platform. On her first date with Sean, she applauds him for taking her on a date that was physically challenging. By physically challenging, I mean going down a 400 foot building in a harness together. She was fearless! Afterward, Sarah shared a story of people not letting her zip line because of her missing limb and how his attitude towards her disability touched her. This is how people with disabilities should be portrayed in the media. This is a step in the right direction. I think the next step is Bachelorettes rolling up to the bachelor…but that’s just me! For now, let’s hope Sarah gets the ring and that Sean is her Prince Charming! The Bachelor

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