International Day of Acceptance

Registered trademark of 3E Love,
Registered trademark of 3E Love, LLC

January 20th was International Day of Acceptance. International Day of Acceptance is a day where people celebrate differences, focusing on people with disabilities. People have parties on January 20th and generally spread the word on that day that people who have disabilities are living not living disabled. The organization behind this is 3E Love. 3E Love is an organization that empowers and encourages people with disabilities to live life to the fullest. Stevie Hopkins is the man behind the empowerment. According to, Stevie is a 28 year old from Chicago who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2. After his sister died from medical complications, Stevie kept her dream alive by creating 3E Love. With his knowledge of the financial industry, music business, and web startups, Stevie was able to give 3E Love life.

Stevie took the organization’s mission a step further when he made January 20th International Day of Acceptance. January 20th was the day his sister, Annie passed away. Instead of marking that day as a day to mourn over his sister, Stevie made it a day to celebrate differences and to encourage people with all abilities to live a vibrant life. Stevie is a social entrepreneur who works tirelessly to keep 3E Love alive. You can meet Stevie at an expo for people with disabilities or ask him to speak at your event! To learn more about 3E Love, you can go to:

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