Last to the Finish Line but First in our Hearts

Conner and Caden Long are two boys that defy all odds. Conner was born without any special needs. However, his little brother, Caden was born with Cerebral Palsy. Caden was born with many limitations including playing sports with his little brother. The two brothers could not play like normal little boys with Caden’s Cerebral Palsy. Despite this significant obstacle, Conner found a way to bond with his brother through triathlons.

One weekend Conner decided to do a local triathlon with Caden. They would come in last but first in everyone’s hearts. They started doing more and more triathlons and eventually gained national attention when they did the kids Iron Man. This attention made them candidates for Sports Illustrated Kid of the Year. The brothers found out on Good Morning America with their mother, you can watch their reaction at: They accepted their award in front of many who were amazed at their story. You can watch their acceptance speech and more here: Is there a kid at Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley Region that reminds you of these two boys? If so, post their story here!

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