7 Ways Occupational Therapy Helps Young Children

Did you know that April is Occupational Therapy (OT) month? The primary occupation of childhood is to grow, learn and play allowing the child to live life to their fullest potential. OT focuses on developing motor skills, sensory processing abilities, coordination, peer interaction, play and self-care skills to participate in daily life activities. Here at Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley, we offer a comprehensive evaluation and customized treatment plans.

Occupational Therapy - Courtney Penzato

Occupational therapists evaluate children’s development and provide intervention to improve skills and/or modify environments when concerns arise about a child’s functional performance.* Some examples include:

1. Developing upper body and fine motor control to play, complete daily living tasks and school skills;
2. helping a child learn to attend and follow multi-step tasks;
3. helping a child develop the ability to complete self-care activities independently, such as dressing and grooming;
4. helping a child learn to cope with disappointment or failure;
5. helping a child to process sensory information including sound, vision, movement and touch;
6. building skills for sharing, taking turns, and playing with peers; and
7. helping a child develop the ability to use toys and materials in both traditional and creative manners.*

Our OT department is a team of dynamic, committed, licensed and experienced professionals. With over 200 total years of experience in the department, the therapists offer the depth of knowledge and range of certifications to assist children with autism or physical challenges at any level of involvement. Because each child’s needs are different, we create an individualized treatment plan based on parent concerns and the most current treatment approaches.

The staff holds certifications and advanced training in sensory integration, Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT), Baby Treatment, and the PLAY approach. Other areas of training include social skills training, TEACCH, Kinesio taping, Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES), Aquatic Therapy, Handwriting Without Tears, therapeutic listening, interactive metronome as well as Constraint Induced Movement Therapy and Bi-Manual Therapy. We believe effectiveness begins with a strong relationship between the child, caregiver and therapist. We offer continuity of care and passionate staff commitment to help meet your child’s needs. Our Occupational Therapists are leaders in the field providing courses, consulting and mentoring locally, nationally and internationally.
Getting started is easy! Contact our intake coordinator at 630.282.2022 to ask questions or schedule an appointment. Or, visit us online at EasterSealsDFVR.org for program details.

*Content Source: The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. at http://www.aota.org/-/media/Corporate/Files/AboutOT/Professionals/WhatIsOT/CY/Fact-Sheets/Children%20and%20Youth%20fact%20sheet.pdf.

1 thought on “7 Ways Occupational Therapy Helps Young Children

  1. The child state is the best to for the psychotherapy treatment. They can adapt the things that we are discussed with them. If we teach them with an open mind then it will be the best solution for their problems. They will pen their mind to us too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to the readers.

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