4th of July & Technology Activities


By Amy Hayward

Is it REALLY almost the 4th of July? There are many ways to utilize technology while you talk about, create, eat and prepare for this special day! Check out these fun activities that can be done at home, camp or therapy!

1. Create a digital book using power point about favorite things you do around the 4th of July. Include pictures of places you go, things you see and favorite foods. Read the book leading up to the 4th to prepare your kids for the change in routine. Save it and add to it each year capturing new family traditions.

2. Play 4th of July Bingo with the entire family. Free downloadable supports can be found at http://www.speakingofspeech.com/Thematic_Materials.html#Summer and you don’t even need Boardmaker to print and use!

3. Are fireworks on the 4th of July stressful for your child? Watch this pre-made story with images and text with audio to set expectations and calm anxiety about going to the fireworks by Vizzle.

4. Consider bringing the fireworks right into your home on your iPad or Android device. Think about extending the use of these apps to talk about and summarize events of the 4th with pictures, writing and reading with your child!

Fireworks Arcade – (iOS App) FREE
Finger Fireworks – (Android App) FREE
Fireworks 123 – (iOS App) FREE
iLoveFireWorks Lite – (iOS App) FREE
My Baby Firework (iOs and Android) FREE
iLove Fireworks – (iOS App) $.99
Sights and Sounds: Fireworks – (iOS App) $4.99 (switch accessible)

5. Don’t forget your AAC on the 4th! Take a little time and think ahead about some ways you can incorporate your child’s communication device into the festivities. Make a list of target vocabulary words you can use that will allow your child to comment, request, direct, describe and question on this holiday! Here are a few examples of core vocabulary that can be used during different weekend events.

BBQ: I, you, eat, drink, play, like, go, make more, fun
Beach: Go, hot/cold, in/out, help, wet/dry
Fireworks: We, see, watch, go, colors, up/down, big/little, loud/quiet

Amy Hayward

About Amy: Amy Hayward, M.S., CCC-SLP is a licensed and ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist who has dedicated her career to working with individuals using Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology from The College of Wooster in 1997 and her Masters of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh. Amy originally joined the Assistive Technology Department at Easter Seals DuPage in 2001, left to work in schools and a rehabilitation hospital, and returned again in 2013. Amy currently provides services specializing in AAC at both our Villa Park and Naperville Centers.

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